About Us

About Us

Who We Are

ORION Knowledge Solutions is in Learning and Development Space with strong focus on complete learner experience both in terms of content and context. Being within a rapidly changing world and technology, it is imperative for your digital transformation to be equipped with the right set of tools and solutions. That is exactly where we step in; helping you with innovative solutions in Enterprise Learning, Blended Learning and Online Learning that offers your employees a digital learning experience that is aligned to their individual learning needs, passions and development goals.


To create a truely personalized lerning experience that drives performance and business results. It is always about cocreation, and we believe the best results happen when we, that includes You, work together.


We help you realise the true potential of your people through innovative and customised digital solution

Our Values

Integrity and honesty is the most important and our defining feature. It is our north star and guides us through the entire process right from initial discussions to final delivery.

Customer centricity is the life blood of our organisation and and every decision and step taken is measured on the scale of how it will help the client.

Our Story

Our genesis was simple- a desire to do something that will help and improve things for the client we serve. Our creative minds required the stimulation of ‘creating’ and that accomplishment would be a reward unto itself. These shared values and ideas and a zeal for discovering the means to develop a better tomorrow brought us all together and led to the formation of Orion Consulting. Our passion for creating a better tomorrow drives us all and motivates us to outdo what we achieved yesterday.