What makes us an expert in Pharma

  • More than 50 years of experience to deal with the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers in India and abroad with a presence in over 45 countries.
  • Clear understanding of the business model and until last mile coverage enables us to identify critical pain areas and design our solution to address them.
  • Technical expertise to understand how specific machines work and what you need to know about them.

What makes us an expert in BFSI

  • Decades of collective experience in Compliance Learning – Both Banks and Financial Services organizations need to comply with many regulatory bodies (national and international), and they need to be trained on how to comply with these bodies. Employees also need to comply with the code of conduct that is specific to the organization.
  • Proven expertise in imparting Process Level Learning – This involves training of various processes in handling banking functions or a specific financial services delivery.
  • A very critical area of learning being Application Software Training, we can embed the predesigned training modules of Financial software applications. These modules come from the respective software developers, and are the foundation for both Banking and Financial Services.
  • Having an inclusive cross industry experience and exposure, Sales Training is our forte. We have extensive knowledge in this domain which has translated into a few exceptionally effective and flagship programs.
  • Having engaged with customer facing roles, our team of experts have significant domain knowledge in Soft Skills Development space. Here we focus on not only improving the product knowledge but the skills to pass on that knowledge in a professional and engaging way to their customers.
  • With large team size, Induction and Onboarding Training is a critical area to get the ball rolling. Such repetitive trainings takes significant time and eats away a large portion of training budget.  Our professionally tailored solution adopts the existing contents and presents it in its new avatar keeping a close watch on ease of learning and knowledge retention.

What makes us an expert in ITES

Thorough industry knowledge for couple of decades that presented some of the unique challenges the industry had to offer through its formation and maturity stage and the skills acquired to tide over them has equipped us to address the key challenges faced by the industry. Be it the dynamic nature of the market or employee turnover, from skill gap to quality service delivery, we have seen it all and our experts have managed them effectively. Some of the key areas where our solutions can create significant impact:

  1. Organizational success through learning and development.
  2. Employee onboarding.
  3. Product and process training and orientation.
  4. Knowledge refreshers and upskilling.
  5. Host of learning on Managing Self, Managing Others and Managing Business.
  6. Soft skills, functional skills and compliance development.

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