Orion Learn

Orion Learn

An innovative & scalable digital learning solution for your custom training needs

The innovative technology

We use several innovative methods based on proven learning models to ensure that the learner not only consumes the knowledge but also develops a keen understanding of the concepts. Our technologies like the Virtual Presenter Distance Learning System (VDLS) and Interactive Visual System (IVS) are a part of our endeavour to continuously upgrade, update and adapt ourselves to the changing and challenging environment.

The out-of-the box and high-demand features of our platform that help in easy knowledge development and retaining are

  • Centralized Knowledge for easy & consistent Retrieval.
  • 25% – 60% less time consuming.
  • Instant Scalability.
  • Anywhere Learning.
  • Quick Update Sharing
  • Interactive Content
  • Gamification

Measurable delivery model

Our SLA based delivery model is a unique feature in this industry and it speaks volumes to our dedication. We hold ourselves accountable and work on deadlines and clear expectations developed during our discussions.

Employability depends less on what you already know and more on how well you can learn, apply & adapt

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