Why Partner with Orion

Why partner with Orion

Custom Learning Solution on Your Terms

No two humans are the same and no two companies are the same. Your organisation is
unique and needs a personalised touch. Our training modules can be customised to support
your specific requirements. Our team meets yours and after extensive research and
discussion, design a training module solely suited for your company. Our Proficient learning
management system is a powerful tool that changes the way one learns and retains
organisational knowledge.

End-to-end solution with clear estimation of ROI

We provide a holistic learning management solution that not only provides knowledge but also ensures high retention through its unique delivery mechanism. Our training tools include presentations, videos, webinars, content gamification, group learning etc. We also provide a host of reporting tools to keep track of training progress and requirements. Using our tools, the training process is faster, more effective and highly efficient cutting your training costs and improving training ROI.

Customer centric innovative technology

Our ethos and guiding principle is unwavering, laser focused attention to our client and complete dedication to their success.

Knowledge is constantly evolving and so should training mechanisms. Our secret ingredient is our continuous innovation and improvements to our training technology like the Virtual presenter distance learning system (VDLS) and Interactive visual system (IVS). This enables to help the trainees achieve their true potential and ensure your success. Adapting to the fast paced world technology and combining the latest innovations with our subject matter expertise positions us at the forefront of training industry.

SLA based delivery model

Words are dime a dozen but actions are priceless. We don’t just promise, we deliver. We hold ourselves accountable and so can you. Our responsibilities and deliverables are all documented. Actions speak louder than words and we completely embody that sentiment.

Diverse multidimensional reports with expert interpretation and analysis

Every member of our team is a subject matter expert in their field and are continuously building up and improving upon their knowledge. We use this knowledge to help our clients to improve their employee skills. Our training system provides detailed reports on several aspects of the training function and our experts decode it for you. This interpretation and analysis helps you in planning and strategising your future training programmes so you can strengthen your pillar to build an amazing company.